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Ways to plan your project while controlling costs.


Cost Saving Tips

While Painting With Pride will cheerfully complete all phases of your project, we offer some suggestions which allow you to realize significant savings. These tips are meant to be options only. You can elect to do as few or as many as you choose. We again are more than willing to do all!

  • By purchasing your own paint and verifying colors you save the time we would spend devoted to this task. Also, we are happy to pass on to you our tremendous discount at Sherwin Williams Paint when you pay directly. If you’d like, rather than handle the paint yourself, Sherwin Williams will deliver it to our shop and we will bring it to your home at no additional cost to you.
  • Drywall repairs are time consuming. It takes time to look for flaws and damage, mark the areas that need addressing, spackle these areas twice at minimum, then sand and prime the spots, and clean up the mess. However, you can save by doing some or all of the repair-related work. Most helpful is for you to at least mark the areas you want addressed. Again we want to do it all and are ready to do it all.
  • Do not move big furniture. We will need to strategically move it as we see fit. Small things such as personal items, curtains if possible, pictures, lamps, and rugs are best moved out of the area being painted. Anything too heavy or cumbersome will be moved by us.
  • Removal of light and socket plates is an easy task but can add up on big jobs.
  • Clean up. We make every effort to be neat and orderly while completing our work but clean up is a necessary and appreciated part of the job. We don’t want you cleaning up after us and we want to leave your home looking wonderful. Let us know if we’re doing too much or if you want to get involved.
  • On jobs that can take several days, end of day clean up of drop cloths and equipment takes time and setting up the next day takes time. Let us know if you want us to avoid unnecessary efforts or if you want additional efforts; either way is acceptable to us.
  • Talk to us. Communication is the key to success! We are truly experts and complete each job with high standards of excellence. There may be times when our standards exceed your individual needs. Let us know what level of perfection is desired for your particular project.
  • You can step back and watch or get totally involved. We are here to serve you, and/or work along side you.
  • Check your daily time sheets to keep up with what’s being done.

We are committed to serve your individual needs and requests.

Why “Buy the Hour”?

Answers to real concerns and a clear understanding why.

Q. Why not just give us a set price?
A. We can give you a set price but we will be forced to factor in all those things that can happen but probably won’t. Anybody with long term business success knows you can not bid the job low hoping things always go exactly as planned. That is a recipe for failure. In many cases the low bidder will adjust the quality of a job to compensate for their mistake.

Q. How come other companies give prices that include materials, job preparation and painting?
A. For the same reason we did for almost thirty years now…because that’s just how its always been done. Labor costs are not the same today. We will show you how to keep the cost of your project down and focused.

Q. Why does Painting With Pride have to be different than all the others?
A. Painting With Pride has a proven record with over 7,500 satisfied customers in this area. We don’t say or do anything that we can’t stand behind. We don’t have to convince you of our honesty and integrity. Our reputation with our customers and even our competition is impeccable. When we say you can trust us we back it up with our policy of “payment upon completion” and a record of success.

Q. How is it that we save by your “Buy the Hour policy”?
A. We are expert painters. We know how to manage each job to completion with the best success. When we are applying our painting skills you are getting great value. We can not however charge less for driving to the paint store waiting in line, verifying colors, moving personal items, looking for flaws in drywall, preparing walls and trim, and cleaning up than we do for actual painting.

Q. But aren’t all those duties part of the job of a painter?
A. They certainly are and we are happy to do it all. However, in the same time it takes to get the paint an entire bedroom can be rolled out. This is your choice. We are attempting to eliminate the expense of the job which you willingly elect to do at great cost savings to you.

Q. But we just want the job completed. We don’t have time or desire to get involved.
A. That’s great. We’re ready to do it all cheerfully, fairly, and with perfect understanding. This is how we built our business and will continue to offer a full service job. However, many of our customers have expressed deep appreciation for the options which can save them money. You decide.

Q. But I don’t know how to spackle.
A. We do and will. You can save here simply by marking what’s important to you. Not everybody has the same needs. If you want perfect walls, tell us; we know what to do.

Q. How much paint do I buy and where do I go? How much do I save?
A. Many times we give you the amounts on the spot at the time of estimate. You save by enjoying our substantial contractor’s discount. By paying directly at the paint store yourself, we don’t spend our time or money so there is no added cost to you.

Q. I want the savings and don’t mind paying for the paint at the store but can’t manage carrying the paint.
A. This is not a problem. You can pay for it and have Sherwin Williams deliver it to our shop at no additional cost to you. Then we simply bring the paint from our shop to your home. No charge. It’s our pleasure.

Q. I can not be part of an open ended agreement that has no limit.
A. You are in complete control at all times. If you’re not happy with our performance (which has never happened) then we will stop whenever you choose. It won’t happen. We will soon after starting demonstrate to you that you made the right decision. Our workforce is committed to completing the job to your satisfaction.

Q. Another company’s quote is the same with materials and prep as you estimated for labor only.
A. Our understanding of that is as old as the business itself. We know by many years of trial and error what it costs to run a business. We know our labor rate is not only fair it is necessary. This topic is sensitive. We can only point out that our business adheres strictly to all licensing regulations, pays all our local, state and federal employee taxes, insurance, unemployment wages, and all other legitimate business expenses. We operate in business legally, ethically, and scripturally. We’re not practicing, experimenting, working out the kinks, or learning the hard way. We have total confidence in our formula of success. Our rates allow us to treat our customers to a wonderful group of employees who are treated to equal respect, enjoy their jobs, and are rewarded with the fruit of their labor.

Q. We just want the cheapest price for us. Why does that other stuff matter to us?
A. We can only do our best to answer your questions. We will trust that if you choose another company you will remember us next time and discover why only Painting With Pride has stood the test of time.

Q. I want to trust you but everybody tells me I’m being foolish.
A. We can appreciate that. We are living in a fallen world where trusting does seem foolish. However, unlike our competition, who can be a lot cheaper, we don’t ask you for any payment until you are satisfied. (FYI: It is unwise to give deposits on primarily labor quotes.) You may also have friends or family call us to ask more specific questions. If you choose us it will be because you trust us. We value your trust more than anything. We will do all we can to deserve and protect the trust you place in us.

If you have other questions you believe should be included above, please contact us.

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

“Buy the Hour”

Our Service Mark Program

Since 1977 Painting With Pride has been establishing itself as a leader in the field of residential painting. Both interior and exterior painting and all work related to maintaining your home has been our area of expertise. We have always offered a full service to our customer including expert preparation, color coordinating, material specification, strategy planning and maintenance to list a few.

We have also come to understand that not everyone’s project requires full service. We have the solution for that as well. You can “Buy The Hour” and we will do any part of the job you don’t want to do!
• Don’t like prep work – we’ll do it.
• Don’t like high areas – we’ll do it.
• Carpentry repairs – we’ll do it.
• Just want us to “paint only” – we’ll do it.

We can do just what you want quickly, neatly, professionally, and with reasonable prices. We don’t lower our standards, we just focus on the task at hand. “Buy The Hour” allows you to spend only what you want. You are in complete control. We come to your home with a fully equipped company van and professional staff committed to serving whatever your needs.

However, if your heart’s desire is to enjoy Painting With Pride full service, we remain committed as we’ve been in your neighborhood for over thirty years.

Stop painting your house!

For many years now Painting With Pride has talked more customers out of painting their exterior then any company in history. Many homes don’t need a complete paint job. If 30% of your home’s paint is failing that could mean 70% is possibly in good shape. This means big savings to you with no decrease in quality. Our touch-up program has been honed and improved over many years. We are experts at making your house look great and protecting it for years. In many cases its not the paint failing it’s the paint job and a few hours devoted to targeting these areas is all you need to get your home back to the way you want it.

Our “Buy the Hour” is a full proof way to control the cost. We do only what you want, no more no less.