Cost Saving Tips

While Painting With Pride will cheerfully complete all phases of your project, we offer some suggestions which allow you to realize significant savings. These tips are meant to be options only. You can elect to do as few or as many as you choose. We again are more than willing to do all!

  • By purchasing your own paint and verifying colors you save the time we would spend devoted to this task. Also, we are happy to pass on to you our tremendous discount at Sherwin Williams Paint when you pay directly. If you’d like, rather than handle the paint yourself, Sherwin Williams will deliver it to our shop and we will bring it to your home at no additional cost to you.
  • Drywall repairs are time consuming. It takes time to look for flaws and damage, mark the areas that need addressing, spackle these areas twice at minimum, then sand and prime the spots, and clean up the mess. However, you can save by doing some or all of the repair-related work. Most helpful is for you to at least mark the areas you want addressed. Again we want to do it all and are ready to do it all.
  • Do not move big furniture. We will need to strategically move it as we see fit. Small things such as personal items, curtains if possible, pictures, lamps, and rugs are best moved out of the area being painted. Anything too heavy or cumbersome will be moved by us.
  • Removal of light and socket plates is an easy task but can add up on big jobs.
  • Clean up. We make every effort to be neat and orderly while completing our work but clean up is a necessary and appreciated part of the job. We don’t want you cleaning up after us and we want to leave your home looking wonderful. Let us know if we’re doing too much or if you want to get involved.
  • On jobs that can take several days, end of day clean up of drop cloths and equipment takes time and setting up the next day takes time. Let us know if you want us to avoid unnecessary efforts or if you want additional efforts; either way is acceptable to us.
  • Talk to us. Communication is the key to success! We are truly experts and complete each job with high standards of excellence. There may be times when our standards exceed your individual needs. Let us know what level of perfection is desired for your particular project.
  • You can step back and watch or get totally involved. We are here to serve you, and/or work along side you.
  • Check your daily time sheets to keep up with what’s being done.

We are committed to serve your individual needs and requests.

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