A Painter’s Winter

July 12, 1995

  • Hoping that October lasts until April.
  • Convinced that November’s interior workload is a true indication that the next 4 months won’t be that bad.
  • Remembering in our own minds that it’s 70° in March.
  • Completely forgetting that there really is a month of February.
  • Counting weeks down to go until April.
  • Hoping that all your good customers will remember you and have their interior painted.
  • Wishing that all top employees love their jobs so much that lost time won’t scare them into pursing other employment options.
  • Trying to remember if you really did like snow as a child.
  • Watching the bills pile up.
  • Putting off once more that great ski trip you planned all summer.
  • Daydreaming about overtime as you try to recall which rerun of “I Love Lucy” you just sat through.
  • Sharing stories with co-workers of how hot July is.
  • Going through notes thinking somewhere there’s a note from a customer that said “Call me when you’re slow.”
  • Wishing Christmas was in June.
  • Thinking that 2 busy weeks in February will follow through till May.
  • Hoping that roofers, deck builders, landscapers, and everyone else stays busy so that they don’t once again become professional painters.
  • Convinced that the groundhog know what he’s doing. (Thinking the groundhog thing is a joke.)
  • Spending too much time looking for that first robin.
  • Just shaking your head to that March blizzard forecast.
  • Looking for the crocus to bloom.
  • Never missing a live drawing.
  • Hoping your company beats out the other 10 bids for that bathroom ceiling job.
  • Wondering if April is ever going to come…
  • But, then it does, and you think back over the not-so-bad winter and November seems years away.

Painting with Pride has been through 17 winters. They are always tough. All of us here want you to know that we always appreciate your business. Please call now for any interior work and take advantage of the best prices we can offer you.

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