You Don’t Need “Painting With Pride” If You…

July 24, 1995

You don’t need “Painting With Pride” if you:

  • Enjoy spending your weekends, holidays, and vacation time painting.
  • Have the experience and expertise to properly protect and decorate your home.
  • Don’t mind fighting with the disappearing painter who breaks promise after promise. (They were so nice before they took a deposit.)
  • Have friends that will help you paint, if you supply the food, beer and sodas.
  • Know a teacher, student, fireman, oysterman, laid off banker, weekend warrior, (that guy, you know, he did the Smiths’ roof), neighbors kids and his/her friends; who paint on the side real cheap and real good (Uh-Huh).
  • Are not really concerned about silly old liability insurance factors.  (Nobody really ever falls off a ladder or damages property).
  • Feel a good paint job simply has to look good.
  • Don’t think that experience and trade skills are important.

However, please consider “Painting With Pride” if you:

  • Want to go to work or out for the day knowing that while your away, your home is being painted with pride and experience.
  • Want a time tested, (established since 1977) experienced company who will not only beautify your home, but most importantly protect your home against the extreme weather elements in our area.
  • Demand value, but expect to pay a legitimate, tax paying, properly insured company a fair price.
  • Want a responsible workforce properly trained and skilled to complete the specific task you requested.
  • Don’t want to pay deposits on what amounts to mostly labor.
  • Want the job completed in a timely fashion on consecutive days so that you may enjoy your privacy with the least amount of interruption.
  • Want someone who does what they promise.
  • Want to know that the company you choose will be around year after year to serve your needs. (Painting With Pride has an excellent Touch-Up program).
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