As Time Goes By…

November 7, 1995

As a young boy, I remember listening to my great grandmother talk about things that happened 20, 30 and 50 years ago.  It just seemed impossible that I would one day be able to dismiss the years in the same way.  Today even my 3 teenage children believe time goes by much too quickly.

So as winter approaches and Painting With Pride is only one year shy of 20 years in business, we will not be wishing away the next several months.  Since 1977 we have recognized the importance of keeping our workforce productive and intact throughout the winter months.  By trying in earnest to keep our interior prices as low as possible, we have kept our same workforce together for years.  We feel that this commitment to our customers and workforce helped us become the areas most consistent, dedicated and experienced residential painting specialist.

During the last two decades, we have fined tuned our painting skills and learned through experience what is most important to our customers.  Every one wants a superior finished product but more importantly is how we achieve the finished product.  Our company offers organizational skills that enable us to deliver what we promise.  Painting With Pride has purposely trained our individual staff to specialize in specific tasks along with standard capabilities.

If you require wallpaper stripping and repairs, we would assign Ron.  Specialty finishes and accent colors are completed by Ralf and Rusty.  For jobs requiring detailed coordination and game plan setting, Jeff has excellent insight on how to proceed.  Along with having individual specialties, each member follows the Painting With Pride principles of quality and integrity.  We have a carpenter on staff for repairs and improvements (i.e., chair rail, crown molding, doors, other trim and finishing work).  Regardless of what your project involves, we complete the task with our own trained staff.  (No third party sub-contracting.)

So during this long slow winter help us to keep a most worthy workforce productive and help yourself to an exceptional experience.  As always your support is appreciative.

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