25 Years – It’s all Good, all God

On May 27, 2002 Painting With Pride quietly celebrated twenty-five years in business.

Leading up to this milestone I had all kinds of plans. Big party, billboard, I considered buying a 1977 Chevy Van, which I was going to restore and show off. Something big had to be done to celebrate this great accomplishment. In the end I felt humbled as I realized to God goes the glory!

Revealed to me was how truly blessed we have been to survive twenty-five years. It just wasn’t possible (F.Y.I. I had just turned 19 in May 1977). So we simply had some new shirts printed up for the guys to wear, touched up the van lettering and added “Celebrating 25 Years”, and that was pretty much it. Except for the awesome awareness of how God has blessed us through so many years and so many trials.

So now I would like to publicly acknowledge the reason we have been successful for so long is not because we are so great, but, that God is so great.

Thank you, Lord, for protecting us and blessing us for twenty-five years. For allowing us to survive the economical hardships of the early 80’s & 90’s. For protecting our workforce from harm while performing dangerous ladder moves. Thank you for sparing (uncle) Ron Jones in the one serious mishap we’ve had. Thank you for placing so many good people in our path. Thank you for my family who always supported me, especially my brother Matthew who worked with me for so many years. May you bless him and protect him in his own business. For sparing me from all the personal trials that could have devoured us. Thank you for opening my eyes to the true enemy who uses drugs and alcohol to destroy good people, and the heart you given me to help guide those individuals. For teaching me that business “is” personal and that we don’t have an option to leave you out of it. For my beautiful wife Sheri who encourages me daily to seek your will and to do the next right thing. Father God, thank you for all our blessings too numerous to list. May you continue to bless Painting With Pride, our workforce, customers, and all those who we come into contact with. In Christ’s name, Amen.

We now face another tough winter season. It’s never easy keeping our workforce busy. We will do our best to keep prices as low as possible without compromising service. We will once again trust God to bring us through. Matthew 6:25-34

Thank You & God Bless

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