1stVan2July 14, 2006

In May of 1977 when I first started Painting With Pride I was told that I was way too young to start my own business.  I was told I didn’t know enough.  That I didn’t have enough money to get started.  I was told that Painting With Pride wasn’t a name it was a slogan.  I was told that I didn’t have any idea how to run a business.

To all those charges I plead Guilty.  If I knew then what I know now; I would do it all again.  I didn’t know then that it was God’s grace that would teach me, protect me, discipline me, and prosper me and now hundreds of others over the past thirty-years.  Only he knew the plans he had for me and the many individuals who have worked with me and those we have worked for.

I started thinking of some of the other things I’ve been Guilty of.  At the top of the list today would have to be not trusting him enough when things haven’t gone my way.  (Discipline)

I’m also Guilty of some things I hope will never change.  While the industry we’re a part of seems to make allowances for bending the rules, we have remained convicted and convinced that rules and ethics are a good thing.  Can you believe that for thirty years we have maintained some very old fashioned codes?  Among the most ridiculous is none of our workforce will show up at your home with any body piercing.  I know – Guilty.  We have never smoked in your home or while working on your home.  We have a strict dress code and demand that our workforce show respect for all.  Including each other.  Way Guilty.

We don’t call our employees ‘subs’ avoiding expensive payroll taxes and workers’ compensation cost.  We don’t sub-contract to anyone; we show up and do the work ourselves and adhere to all real legitimate rules and regulations – Guilty, but thirty years later we’re still in great shape.  It really can be done right.

Okay you get the point.  But one more thing I’m Guilty of.  Most of you already know I’m also Guilty in not being perfect.  I’m just like the next guy living in a fallen world saved only by the grace of God.  We are convicted to do our best to give you everything we have.  To treat you like we would want to be treated (Luke 6:31) and to complete every job with all the appreciation and trust you place in us (Col 3:23).

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May God Bless all who has taken the time to read our words.

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