2012 Job: Century-Old House

September 11, 2012

God Bless these men who have been working on this house for more then a month. The scraping alone has been long a tedious. The finished product will be done in another week. This will be one of the most impressive jobs PWP has had the pleasure to complete in our 35+ year history. The house is over 100 years old and has probably never been done this thoroughly. We sure appreciate this wonderful couple giving us the opportunity to restore it to the original beauty.


October 23, 2011

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35 Years

May 27, 2012

Today Painting With Pride is 35 years young!

So how do you celebrate 35 years in business? Same name. Same license M.H.I.C. #4300. Serving same area. On May 27th 1977 at 19 years old Gregory J. Anderson went to work. 35 years later we’re still at it. Been a great ride. So what should we do????

Well, we made a postcard, then and now!



1stVan2July 14, 2006

In May of 1977 when I first started Painting With Pride I was told that I was way too young to start my own business.  I was told I didn’t know enough.  That I didn’t have enough money to get started.  I was told that Painting With Pride wasn’t a name it was a slogan.  I was told that I didn’t have any idea how to run a business.

To all those charges I plead Guilty.  If I knew then what I know now; I would do it all again.  I didn’t know then that it was God’s grace that would teach me, protect me, discipline me, and prosper me and now hundreds of others over the past thirty-years.  Only he knew the plans he had for me and the many individuals who have worked with me and those we have worked for.

I started thinking of some of the other things I’ve been Guilty of.  At the top of the list today would have to be not trusting him enough when things haven’t gone my way.  (Discipline)

I’m also Guilty of some things I hope will never change.  While the industry we’re a part of seems to make allowances for bending the rules, we have remained convicted and convinced that rules and ethics are a good thing.  Can you believe that for thirty years we have maintained some very old fashioned codes?  Among the most ridiculous is none of our workforce will show up at your home with any body piercing.  I know – Guilty.  We have never smoked in your home or while working on your home.  We have a strict dress code and demand that our workforce show respect for all.  Including each other.  Way Guilty.

We don’t call our employees ‘subs’ avoiding expensive payroll taxes and workers’ compensation cost.  We don’t sub-contract to anyone; we show up and do the work ourselves and adhere to all real legitimate rules and regulations – Guilty, but thirty years later we’re still in great shape.  It really can be done right.

Okay you get the point.  But one more thing I’m Guilty of.  Most of you already know I’m also Guilty in not being perfect.  I’m just like the next guy living in a fallen world saved only by the grace of God.  We are convicted to do our best to give you everything we have.  To treat you like we would want to be treated (Luke 6:31) and to complete every job with all the appreciation and trust you place in us (Col 3:23).

Call to get more details on our registered “BUY THE HOUR” program or check out the webpage.

May God Bless all who has taken the time to read our words.

25 Years – It’s all Good, all God

On May 27, 2002 Painting With Pride quietly celebrated twenty-five years in business.

Leading up to this milestone I had all kinds of plans. Big party, billboard, I considered buying a 1977 Chevy Van, which I was going to restore and show off. Something big had to be done to celebrate this great accomplishment. In the end I felt humbled as I realized to God goes the glory!

Revealed to me was how truly blessed we have been to survive twenty-five years. It just wasn’t possible (F.Y.I. I had just turned 19 in May 1977). So we simply had some new shirts printed up for the guys to wear, touched up the van lettering and added “Celebrating 25 Years”, and that was pretty much it. Except for the awesome awareness of how God has blessed us through so many years and so many trials.

So now I would like to publicly acknowledge the reason we have been successful for so long is not because we are so great, but, that God is so great.

Thank you, Lord, for protecting us and blessing us for twenty-five years. For allowing us to survive the economical hardships of the early 80’s & 90’s. For protecting our workforce from harm while performing dangerous ladder moves. Thank you for sparing (uncle) Ron Jones in the one serious mishap we’ve had. Thank you for placing so many good people in our path. Thank you for my family who always supported me, especially my brother Matthew who worked with me for so many years. May you bless him and protect him in his own business. For sparing me from all the personal trials that could have devoured us. Thank you for opening my eyes to the true enemy who uses drugs and alcohol to destroy good people, and the heart you given me to help guide those individuals. For teaching me that business “is” personal and that we don’t have an option to leave you out of it. For my beautiful wife Sheri who encourages me daily to seek your will and to do the next right thing. Father God, thank you for all our blessings too numerous to list. May you continue to bless Painting With Pride, our workforce, customers, and all those who we come into contact with. In Christ’s name, Amen.

We now face another tough winter season. It’s never easy keeping our workforce busy. We will do our best to keep prices as low as possible without compromising service. We will once again trust God to bring us through. Matthew 6:25-34

Thank You & God Bless

Duty Bound To Serve

July 10, 2003

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord not for men.” Colossians 3:23

Wouldn’t it be nice if every one of us could dedicate our work like this?  To be true servants devoting all we do to be the very best.  Just think of the possibilities.  How much better we would all be if we stepped out of our self-centeredness and offered the very best of ourselves.  No more cold french fries.  The grass cut just right.  Our cars would run better.  No paint drips or misses.  Fair insurance prices and great health care.  That would be nice!

Do we have the right to expect perfection from those who serve us?  I don’t think so.  What you will get from Painting With Pride is a true desire to serve along with now twenty-six years of honing our skills and knowledge of our trade.

When painting or decorating everyone has different needs and priorities.  Our goal is to deliver the very best to accommodate your needs.  It’s not our job to tell you what you want.  We explain the many options then complete the job accordingly with the best skill and desire in the business.

Our prices are fair.  Our intentions are honorable; to make a living while ensuring that you get a good job and that we will be able to stay in business indefinitely, if it is in God’s will for us to do so.

May God’s blessings be with you.

Find out for yourself the difference of working with people with a passion for their trade verses dealing with someone trying to earn a few bucks until a better job comes along.  Don’t wait until the fall rush to have your painting completed, when we are able to serve all your interior/ exterior painting needs now.

As Time Goes By…

November 7, 1995

As a young boy, I remember listening to my great grandmother talk about things that happened 20, 30 and 50 years ago.  It just seemed impossible that I would one day be able to dismiss the years in the same way.  Today even my 3 teenage children believe time goes by much too quickly.

So as winter approaches and Painting With Pride is only one year shy of 20 years in business, we will not be wishing away the next several months.  Since 1977 we have recognized the importance of keeping our workforce productive and intact throughout the winter months.  By trying in earnest to keep our interior prices as low as possible, we have kept our same workforce together for years.  We feel that this commitment to our customers and workforce helped us become the areas most consistent, dedicated and experienced residential painting specialist.

During the last two decades, we have fined tuned our painting skills and learned through experience what is most important to our customers.  Every one wants a superior finished product but more importantly is how we achieve the finished product.  Our company offers organizational skills that enable us to deliver what we promise.  Painting With Pride has purposely trained our individual staff to specialize in specific tasks along with standard capabilities.

If you require wallpaper stripping and repairs, we would assign Ron.  Specialty finishes and accent colors are completed by Ralf and Rusty.  For jobs requiring detailed coordination and game plan setting, Jeff has excellent insight on how to proceed.  Along with having individual specialties, each member follows the Painting With Pride principles of quality and integrity.  We have a carpenter on staff for repairs and improvements (i.e., chair rail, crown molding, doors, other trim and finishing work).  Regardless of what your project involves, we complete the task with our own trained staff.  (No third party sub-contracting.)

So during this long slow winter help us to keep a most worthy workforce productive and help yourself to an exceptional experience.  As always your support is appreciative.

You Don’t Need “Painting With Pride” If You…

July 24, 1995

You don’t need “Painting With Pride” if you:

  • Enjoy spending your weekends, holidays, and vacation time painting.
  • Have the experience and expertise to properly protect and decorate your home.
  • Don’t mind fighting with the disappearing painter who breaks promise after promise. (They were so nice before they took a deposit.)
  • Have friends that will help you paint, if you supply the food, beer and sodas.
  • Know a teacher, student, fireman, oysterman, laid off banker, weekend warrior, (that guy, you know, he did the Smiths’ roof), neighbors kids and his/her friends; who paint on the side real cheap and real good (Uh-Huh).
  • Are not really concerned about silly old liability insurance factors.  (Nobody really ever falls off a ladder or damages property).
  • Feel a good paint job simply has to look good.
  • Don’t think that experience and trade skills are important.

However, please consider “Painting With Pride” if you:

  • Want to go to work or out for the day knowing that while your away, your home is being painted with pride and experience.
  • Want a time tested, (established since 1977) experienced company who will not only beautify your home, but most importantly protect your home against the extreme weather elements in our area.
  • Demand value, but expect to pay a legitimate, tax paying, properly insured company a fair price.
  • Want a responsible workforce properly trained and skilled to complete the specific task you requested.
  • Don’t want to pay deposits on what amounts to mostly labor.
  • Want the job completed in a timely fashion on consecutive days so that you may enjoy your privacy with the least amount of interruption.
  • Want someone who does what they promise.
  • Want to know that the company you choose will be around year after year to serve your needs. (Painting With Pride has an excellent Touch-Up program).

A Painter’s Winter

July 12, 1995

  • Hoping that October lasts until April.
  • Convinced that November’s interior workload is a true indication that the next 4 months won’t be that bad.
  • Remembering in our own minds that it’s 70° in March.
  • Completely forgetting that there really is a month of February.
  • Counting weeks down to go until April.
  • Hoping that all your good customers will remember you and have their interior painted.
  • Wishing that all top employees love their jobs so much that lost time won’t scare them into pursing other employment options.
  • Trying to remember if you really did like snow as a child.
  • Watching the bills pile up.
  • Putting off once more that great ski trip you planned all summer.
  • Daydreaming about overtime as you try to recall which rerun of “I Love Lucy” you just sat through.
  • Sharing stories with co-workers of how hot July is.
  • Going through notes thinking somewhere there’s a note from a customer that said “Call me when you’re slow.”
  • Wishing Christmas was in June.
  • Thinking that 2 busy weeks in February will follow through till May.
  • Hoping that roofers, deck builders, landscapers, and everyone else stays busy so that they don’t once again become professional painters.
  • Convinced that the groundhog know what he’s doing. (Thinking the groundhog thing is a joke.)
  • Spending too much time looking for that first robin.
  • Just shaking your head to that March blizzard forecast.
  • Looking for the crocus to bloom.
  • Never missing a live drawing.
  • Hoping your company beats out the other 10 bids for that bathroom ceiling job.
  • Wondering if April is ever going to come…
  • But, then it does, and you think back over the not-so-bad winter and November seems years away.

Painting with Pride has been through 17 winters. They are always tough. All of us here want you to know that we always appreciate your business. Please call now for any interior work and take advantage of the best prices we can offer you.

Cost Saving Tips

While Painting With Pride will cheerfully complete all phases of your project, we offer some suggestions which allow you to realize significant savings. These tips are meant to be options only. You can elect to do as few or as many as you choose. We again are more than willing to do all!

  • By purchasing your own paint and verifying colors you save the time we would spend devoted to this task. Also, we are happy to pass on to you our tremendous discount at Sherwin Williams Paint when you pay directly. If you’d like, rather than handle the paint yourself, Sherwin Williams will deliver it to our shop and we will bring it to your home at no additional cost to you.
  • Drywall repairs are time consuming. It takes time to look for flaws and damage, mark the areas that need addressing, spackle these areas twice at minimum, then sand and prime the spots, and clean up the mess. However, you can save by doing some or all of the repair-related work. Most helpful is for you to at least mark the areas you want addressed. Again we want to do it all and are ready to do it all.
  • Do not move big furniture. We will need to strategically move it as we see fit. Small things such as personal items, curtains if possible, pictures, lamps, and rugs are best moved out of the area being painted. Anything too heavy or cumbersome will be moved by us.
  • Removal of light and socket plates is an easy task but can add up on big jobs.
  • Clean up. We make every effort to be neat and orderly while completing our work but clean up is a necessary and appreciated part of the job. We don’t want you cleaning up after us and we want to leave your home looking wonderful. Let us know if we’re doing too much or if you want to get involved.
  • On jobs that can take several days, end of day clean up of drop cloths and equipment takes time and setting up the next day takes time. Let us know if you want us to avoid unnecessary efforts or if you want additional efforts; either way is acceptable to us.
  • Talk to us. Communication is the key to success! We are truly experts and complete each job with high standards of excellence. There may be times when our standards exceed your individual needs. Let us know what level of perfection is desired for your particular project.
  • You can step back and watch or get totally involved. We are here to serve you, and/or work along side you.
  • Check your daily time sheets to keep up with what’s being done.

We are committed to serve your individual needs and requests.